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The Mangazina di Rei Experience

“The Mangazina di Rei Experience” is a 1 hour tour with a local guide. Visit the Mangazina di Rei historic building, a former storehouse (1824) where the provisions for the government slaves were stored and which is now home of the Rincon Exhibition. The Rincon Exhibition is the most exciting way to get an overview of the rich heritage of Rincon, the oldest settlement on Bonaire. The exhibition also sheds light on the unique indigenous flora & fauna and some of the most interesting sights in the Rincon area. You’ll enjoy seeing the stories of our cultural heritage come to life, learn how to build your own cactus fence and play on traditional instruments used to celebrate the year’s good harvest. In other words you’ll See, Feel & Taste the Culture of Bonaire.


$20 p.p. to be paid cash upon arrival at the park.


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The tour starts at 10:00 a.m. every Tuesday till Friday except on holidays. Your ‘Mangazina di Rei Experience’ starts here!

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